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Seven Reasons Why Men Marry Some Women and Dump Others

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This class is actually part of the bonus/final class of cycle 3 Four Components of Melting His Heart as well as Module 2 Understanding Men and Four Components of Melting His Heart.

My Method have been so phenomenally magical that it has given birth to 92 engagements total since the publication of my ebook (mind you this number changes so quickly week to week so you might just stare at an old number at some point), the most updated number is listed on my ebook page.

I love this class so much I feel it’s instructional in itself so I allow those who have had Cycle 1 or 2 Four Components of Melting His Heart and everyone in general to get it separately. This class will be a best seller like my “How To Be High Value And Easy To Lose” (it’s a must listen if you haven’t already).

In this class I reveal how women don’t get a man’s process before they can fully jump in or be totally committed into a relationship with a woman and give her the kind of commitment that she wants (including but not necessarily an engagement and marriage). Their confusion lead to anxiety that leads to them stalling the process unknowingly.

So I outline 7 definite reasons why men would rather dump some women to marry some other. If you abide by these points you will be able to inspire your man to commit to you in any way you want. And if he still can’t you will know what to do as a high-value woman.

So get this class for $137 (now $107 till January 1, 2017). It’s almost 2 hour long (1 hour, 50 mins) and it will surely something you would like to listen on repeat like all my classes. My hourly coaching session is currently at $359 (and like everything else it will continue to increase commensurate with the increasing demand of my time and availability). My classes are very powerful and empowering, listening to them religiously will bring the energy shift required to create an unbreakable bond between you and your man/partner.

“Thank you Katarina Phang for taking the time to answer my question in the last class. I can’t decide which class I like the most because there is so much wisdom given by you in each class. I am a different person now and while every day is a work in progress I can see the difference in my relationship with myself and my guy. Now if I could stop the ruminating I would be golden. So when I find myself too much in my head I think of you and I get right back to the present. This class alone is worth the cost of the entire Module!”

~Jamie, Nebraska

“You really got this down! Going to try and stop controlling relationships and the outcome going forward. ?  I’m blown away how you just outline all the reasons why I had very little success with dating and men after my divorce.  I violated each of the seven reasons.”

~Daisy, Norway