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This class is making a wave all over the world!!! Over 5000 women worldwide have listened to this super powerful class. It shifts you so deeply and fast. It’s like my entire teaching is being condensed in one class and 90 mins!! This is definitely one of my favorite classes of the monthly membership as well! I have written about what being high-value is all about before but in this class I will dissect it more in a way -so powerful- that will fire you up and create shift in you like no other.

Take for example Renee’s experience of what this class can result in. This is what a game changer truly means, from heart break to being claimed in JUST 3 weeks!:

You can purchase this powerful class for $127 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $699/hr today and it will keep going up!):

~~~~Sept 7
“Update on T…. I have been claimed! After following all of your advice, reading Kats book a million times and listening to high value/easy to lose class on repeat…. The past 2 weeks have been a complete 180. Calling not just texting, holding hands everywhere we go, inviting me to meet his friends, taking up tennis so he can play with me, and making it extremely clear that we are in relationship…I am so happy! Thanks y’all!

~~~~Aug 20
Again this group and Kat’s book and class on high value and easy to lose is working!! T came over after “my drink date” with other guy and was super super cuddly and sweet and just wanted to sing to me and show me funny videos. We had a great time. Then when I told him to go home he texted me all night and all day today. But I am busy with school so only responded to a few. #feelinggood!!!

~~~~Aug 19
Major improvement thanks to y’all and Kat’s class on being high value and easy to lose! My energy must be shifting because 1. Last night I went out and T knew and began texting me at 10pm. When I got home at 11:30 (slightly tipsy) in meant to text my friend but texted him “thanks for the ride home. ” and he called but I passed out and didn’t answer. Then today he’s texting me if I was out on a date.

~~~~Aug 17
Ok so update on T. I wrote him off and bought Kat’s class on being high valued and easy to lose. Listened to class and was feeling good. Looked at Match and guess who calls…. T. We talk and he comes over. He tells me he knows he is EU right now because of work but likes me and wants to see me. He asks if I was getting asked on dates and I said maybe. And he stayed until 2 then I told him he had to leave so i could get some sleep. he texted today multiple times and asked if we could hang out tonight since I don’t have son. I said well I have dinner plans so it will have to be afterwards and he said ok just text me when you get home. Thoughts????

~~~~August 14
So T called and said we were no longer dating and if he ever figured things out and can give me what I need/want then we can try again. My heart hurts.”

Or here is from Anabelle…
She just got her ex back after a 10 month breakup. She is now in the monthly membership so she can breakup proof her relationship and this is what she learned after listening to this class: “I listened to How to Be High Value and I had a breakthrough: I keep clinging on to past EXPERIENCES… such as when he put a handwritten pink letter on my doorstep or when he took me to St. Lucia or when he texted me “I miss you” — instead of just cherishing those, I was seeking more, more, more… turning into the More Monster, getting anxious if he seemed to be leaning back a teeny tiny bit (which is just human!)… so I am essentially comparing him to himself (crazy, I know) when nobody can sustain Prince Charming status 24/7… I can’t set him up to fail.”

“My mom listened to Katarina’s call with me tonight cause she was curious who this lady is that is giving me advice lol! and she was like holy shit, Brooke. If you follow Kat you will have it all! You’ve got your act together on a career and health level but if you dial in on what Kat is saying with regards to men you will be the trifecta of awesomeness! She gave me a little tough love that I will spare you…. My mom is 63 years old. She and my dad have been together for like 45 years and have beat the odds but my mom Said it was only because she accidentally did all the stuff that Kat is teaching us. Kat has everything laid out for us ;).

Every body needs today’s class….just sayin. The calls are always good just when I think there is no way I can learn any more, I do. Never disappointed by these calls. Never disappointed by these calls. I get hit on all the time but I shut them down cause I’m ‘loyal’… wtf? I’m easy to lose bout time I pony up and freakin act like it. Damn Kat your call has me FIRED up!!”

Brooke, Oregon

“Hi Katarina!

If you choose to post anything I write, I’d like to remain anonymous! I just want to say thank you, I feel better than I have in my whole life after listening to the High Value class. I will keep you posted with good results. But for mental clarity for women to gain some perspective, and to focus on their careers and building themselves, this course is amazing.

I would also mention that using it, but remembering to follow your heart when you want to lean forward at times of conflict/ during a fight to make sure everything’s ok is good! I think you mentioned “pick your battles.” That’s my take on it at least.

Honestly my life is changing overnight this is ridiculous.

Anyway, thank you for empowering women. I hope to share positive testimonials with you soon.

With love and deep gratitude,


Gery, South Africa

I’ve told every woman here whom I talk to off the board to GET THIS CLASS. I’ve become a broken record.

And I just want to say…

Look ladies, I got this class after charging $1400 to my credit card to ship my car back home and $300 for the flight and $60 for luggage and $200 for ups boxes. And I was going to be forking up deposit money for a new apt and rent as soon as I got back (and I did). And only 2 months prior I had spent all that money to even move to PA.

He dumped me only month into living there and I forked out that moving money twice!! Worst financial scenario ever but I was desperate and in love. Moved there May 29, dumped me July 11. The original plan was to live there together till 2016 and come back together to LA. My work even allowed it!

I’d never been angrier in my life. My mom even confirmed it: “I’ve never known you to be angrier your whole life.”

I could have said I can’t get this class. I still fucking got it and it’s been my best purchase this entire year out of anything I’ve ever spent. Just get it. Period.

I’ve typed so many notes from the class I may have inadvertently transcribed the whole thing by now. The info in this alone has now turned me into the #1 girl for every guy in my rotation and it’s the best problem you can have. I’m their highest value, easiest to lose girl by far because I know no other girl they date knows this stuff.

Sorry I know I’m going overboard here but I also just had coffee haha…I have to add one other important detail. It’s an investment in yourself because the guys I’m dating have taken me on dates I’d have never spent money on myself and it’s paid for itself back.

Last night I went to the Chris Cornell concert for example, near front row seats and dinner beforehand. The guys I attract now are even more successful than my ex…his rivals . It’s genuinely cause of the advice in the class. Ok I’m done. ?

I didn’t have a rotation when I bought it. May even be better to know this info before starting. I felt more confident going into rotation with the knowledge.

Now my rotation is officially out of control. I have 23 guys in my rotation! Katarina Phang, you’ve created a monster lol.

Monique, Los Angeles

“Hey ladies, here is an update from my post yesterday:
After receiving magnificent support from this group about my one guy who was disappearing, I bought Kat’s How to be High Value, and then went out for my first date with a new guy.
He was hot! And well-dressed. From Greece, just moved here two months ago. He is a pilot – not the kind that moves around all the time, but the kind that tests out the engineering of planes. He likes to travel, he dances (latin dance), cooks, and was an amazing sweetheart. He kept saying how sweet and beautiful I am, and how it is so rare to find a woman who is both smart, and gorgeous. Out of his own mouth came the statement that it is his role to make sure that I feel good when I’m around him. YES YES YES!
He already asked me to go dancing with him later this week, and I accepted. He walked me back to my car, and offered me his arm to hold on to. I could tell he wanted to go for the kiss, but we hugged, and by the time I got home, he texted me to say that he enjoyed every moment, and that he confessed that he wanted to kiss me.
I found myself wondering what I thought was so great about my other guy, and how I could have gotten myself into such a tizzy about it. As I climbed into bed, I put on Kat’s download and listened. Everything she said made so much sense to me. I felt incredibly relaxed and happy.
In the morning, I did some gratitude practice, and felt so grateful to Spencer (my disappearing guy) for disappearing, so that I have the opportunity to notice my own anxiety and work through it. I was noticing how right Kat is…that I can perceive that he’s wronging me, but in fact, it’s all just my own anxiety, and how unnecessary that whole thing is. And I’m lying in bed feeling so great about the new guy, and the old guy, and I’m imagining that my radiance is so goddamn bright that I’m betting Spencer can sense it all the way into his apartment (he lives just about 100 yards down the street from me).
I get a text on my phone.
Yes, goddesses, I get a text from my EUM! Oh my goodness. He sends me a smiley and a kiss, and I just KNOW, I mean, I just KNOW KNOW KNOW that he is so into me and that he’s working shit out for himself. And it doesn’t even MATTER to me anymore, because I’ve got myself in order, and I’m feeling great! He really can, and should, do whatever makes him happy.
Thanks so much for Kat and for all you gorgeous beauties!
My favourite part of the download was when Kat says “I’m not going to adjust myself for you, because if I do that, then you will never grow.” I thought to myself, that’s just what’s happening with the guy. If he adjusts to me, then I don’t really get what I want anyway. The key to relating is accepting and celebrating people for who they are, ESPECIALLY the guy we love. XOXO” 
Linda, UK

“Hi Kat, big thank you for your lovely reply and advice. I purchased your program How To Be High Value with the $10 discount tonight and dived straight into listening to it. Wow, wow, wow! What a huge eye opener it was. You absolutely answered every question as your program indicated. I felt so at peace listening to it and it inspired me to start to embrace becoming a high value woman as of right now. I love your spiritual approach to your work. I am a spiritual person myself and it was such a gentle reminder of how to combine the two and become more feminine. I love how gentle your guidance and advice was. Just the idea of the non-attached approach puts me at ease. Your own examples and commitment to this way of being is incredible inspiring.

I am definitely taking your advice. You are amazing!

Thank you for so much!”

Joanie, Los Angeles

“What kind of magic is this “How to Be High Value and Easy to Lose” class?!?!?!?!?! After following its instructions, I get an excited call from EUM. He bought six nights at a hotel to be used in the next year and told me we’re going to take a vacation together. That’s not even the craziest part. Our original plans for a week long stay together for Thanksgiving turned into a two day thing. He’s staying overnight at an airport to catch the earliest flight possible to my city. Why? So that we can spend as much time together as possible.”
Cassie, New York

“I will forever be the #1 cheerleader for this class. The notes I have from this class have been priceless for my love life, it all resonated so much for me. I had one light bulb moment after another.

I could get emotional if I think what if I hadn’t heard what you taught in this class. I don’t know if I could have bounced back so quickly from my ex, been so confident during my rotation and won over my boyfriend. I had no idea how much I didn’t know until I heard the 6 traits you talk about. My mom never taught me these things, no one did. I was totally clueless. No freaking wonder I had my 4th failed long-term relationship right before I bought it and listened.

So yes, this class actually changed my life. I’m so grateful, thank you, Katarina Phang!

‘Clinging is an illusion from a self that is empty inside. Because you are empty inside, you expect your partner to fill that space for you, it can’t happen that way.”

“Guys’ biggest resource is their time. They don’t spend any minute with a woman they’re not into.’

2 quotes to give you a taste.

The High Value and Easy to Lose class is very affordable given how effective the info is. I personally feel its should be mandatory. It would answer so many questions for ladies here struggling to see what pushes men away. You’re not acting high value. Listen to the class and see how to be. It’s pretty significant info in my opinion if you want to attract a good man. I wouldn’t wing it without this class.

That’s why I felt a shift after the class from being sad about my ex to screw him I could have way better and I went and got that guy! I’ve never been so adamant about anything than the fact that this class is a must. Seeing how much it changed my life, I truly hope everyone treats it as vital as the ebook.”

Monique, Santa Monica

Former EUM not only came with me to shop for some holiday dresses without me asking, but he picked out a sexy red dress for me and bought them all. If that’s not goddess shopping I don’t know what is! All I can say is you never know what can happen in the span of one week. One week and one day ago I bought Kat’s ebook and read it, one day ago I bought “How to be High Value” and listened to it. My vibration is through the roof right now!!

My guy and I met off of an online dating site 7 months ago – we had instant connection and our dating seemed to fall into place. We never had a discussion but he initiated and planned dates, I accepted. I was reading Kat’s blog at the time so had a sense of what I needed to do to keep him around.

Around the 5 month mark back in September, I noticed he started acting very distant from me, calling me a ‘friend’ and acting very protective around his phone. This is when I started to become turned off to him.

I slowly pulled away and I broke it off with him last Sunday morning after reading your book, especially the chapter about when and how to walk away. When I made the investment I was hesitant but felt a calling from the universe to take this leap of faith. After reading, I realized I had to take care of myself first and be easy to lose. I had been too available for too long and I was ready to see other guys who wanted to step up and treat me right.

That Sunday evening, while I was hanging out with a rotation guy, I got an email from the ex that spilled his heart out to me, asking for a second chance. He also said in this email ‘if you haven’t moved on to some other guy…’ – it’s as if he knew I had options and wouldn’t be sitting around begging for him back. Amazing how powerful our energy and intention is.

I agreed to meet with him the next day to discuss things after reading his email. He was a completely broken man even after less than 36 hours without me. He told me that he had been holding back emotionally from me because of past hurts but that I am the best girlfriend and best friend he’s ever had and he trusts me. I agreed to take him back only after he answered a couple of questions about things I was concerned with. I was open to whatever answers he gave me and I didn’t interrupt him. I felt so empowered that I got to choose to take him back on my terms, and not the other way around. No damsel in distress here!

Let me just say that this past week has been incredible. This former EUM has been more affectionate and loving than ever – holding my hand in public, inviting me to his family home for Thanksgiving, planning trips to Hawaii for next year, even doing something new in the bedroom I had hinted at months ago but decided it was a lost cause All of this response has been on his own – all I told him in response to asking me what he could do to make me happy was ‘Love me and don’t ever let me forget it.’

I truly believe he is now inspired by me because I stepped up to own my high value – I listened to the High Value class on Friday and was just glowing with happiness. This weekend I told him I was going shopping and he invited himself to come along with me, bought me dresses that I liked, told me how beautiful and sexy I looked. This coming from a man who couldn’t even muster the word girlfriend even a few weeks ago!

I am astounded by this change but I know it’s because of the change within me – I now truly believe without a shadow of a doubt how high value I am, and I won’t accept less than what I deserve. ACCEPT OR REJECT! No more fixing! New motto for this gal.

So grateful for the Feminine Magnetism group for keeping me grounded and serving as a constant reminder of these teachings, which of course I wouldn’t have if I didn’t take the leap of faith to buy the book. Can’t stress this enough, it is the investment you put into yourself that will be reflected back to you!! Make the investment!

Lucy, Arizona

“Yesterday I listened to Kat’s lecture “How to be high-value and easy to lose.” I highly recommend listening to it while painting your nails or wearing a face mask. ?

I wrote some notes to share with the ladies who can’t buy the class.

Here is what I got: 1. A High Value Woman doesn’t cling to people or experiences. 2. She doesn’t commit to a guy who hasn’t committed to her. She doesn’t take on a girlfriend role. She doesn’t want a guy who does not want her. She is turned off by wishy-washy guys. 3. She has a happy, self-confident, emotionally healthy energy. 4. She ALWAYS has other options. 5. The opposite of easy to lose is clinging. 6. She NEVER tries to fix or change a man. She accepts him or rejects him. 7. Focusing and worrying about the future destroys what you have in the present.”

Chelsea, Nevada

Wow, this takes the book to another level. Best $87 I ever spent. I am enjoying this call. I totally agree today’s call is a must have. I feel so relaxed and at peace after listening. I did not have any questions because there is a certain clarity about the way Katarina Phang delivers the information that makes it crystal clear. I am going to listen to the class again tonight and take notes.
Nadya, South Carolina

“I’m going to sound like a commercial but I can’t get over how good this audio is. It honestly changed my life. it made me cry the first time I listened lol because it made such an impression. Worth every last penny and more. Can’t recommend it enough. Like, if you only buy one thing from Kat make it this.”
Missy, Tenesse

“I’m listening to this right now. It is definitely a masterpiece. Very confronting, because it lays out EXACTLY how I’ve acted low-value in the past and why my romantic life has been messy. Thanks Katarina!”
May, Spain

“After listening to this class, I broke up with my bf. Just I realized was wasting my time with him. Love it.”
Dora, Kansas

This class is worth every penny ladies! This class really gave me the tools to value myself. Loved it! Thank you Katarina!
Tiffany, NYC

“So we can live by it…definitely powerful, but it makes sense….we can do this….onward to being a Goddess.”
Carly, Maryland

This was so worth the money, I have listened to it a few times now and it has been so helpful!! We all need to hear this!!!!
Paris, Georgia

“I listen to this recording at least once a month. Even though I’ve been in a long-term relationship with someone that I love deeply, I am still open to great men who wish to treat me well and date me. When my guy gets all distant on me, I hang out with other guys or I just enjoy my family or my own solitude. When he realizes that I mirror him when he’s being a jerk, then he wants to step up and be sweet. I am like water; flowing with everything… It doesn’t take him long to get himself together, for he knows that men are circling me like vultures. He’s afraid to lose me to another man!”
Dolores, Memphis