How To Date and Love Meditatively

To understand and be watchful of the movement in the mind is to be aware and awake. You’re aware of your depression, anxiety, anger, dissatisfaction, frustrations and fears. Being aware means you’re not reacting on them but just be one with them without resisting them. Without agreeing or disagreeing, approving or disapproving.

The inner work that I teach is so profound that it has helped many overcome their anxiety and depression.

And you become adept at witnessing your mind’s behaviors you will also overcome your fears. Mind diseases can only be healed when the nature of the mind is seen.

So when you date and love consciously and mindfully you will not slide into the dark hole of being hurt. Because only your unconsciousness causes you to get hurt. You can’t be hurt when you’re conscious and thus not projecting your ego delusion and all its sob stories.

To live consciously is to live meditatively.

Imagine when you date, fall in love, love and relate meditatively. How much more at peace and happier you will be?

Here’s the breakdown for the 3 day workshop:

Day 1: How to date meditatively

In the first day you will be introduced to the concept of living life meditatively and it can leak into every aspect of your life including dating.  In this class you will learn how to enjoy the process of dating by surrendering to it so fully. (80 mins)

Day 2: How to make love and fall in love meditatively

In the 2nd day you will learn how to be aware and one with the process as it deepens into the next stage of relating.  The absence of fear and anxiety (neuroses) will deepen his emotional connection and attraction toward you. (90 mins)

Day 3: How to relate and love meditatively

In the 3rd day you will learn to just continue on the journey of total surrender in the healthy and neuroses free relationship that will bring you eventually into the deepest form of relationship which is spiritual partnership in which you will continue to grow together. (90 mins)

“So, this morning he asked me to be his girlfriend. This is an EUM I started seeing in August. Things were going well. I decided to have “the talk” about being exclusive. He wasn’t receptive. I stayed around as a FWB situation (I called it “kissing friends”) but I wanted more. I ran across Katarina’s site while googling “high value woman traits.”

I purchased the e-book and read it. He went on a trip to visit family. I leaned waaaay back. I never initiated texts or calls but responded with honey when he made contact. Days went by with no contact…usually two, sometimes three. I started dating some rotation guys. This part was very important. It really kept my mind off the EUM and made it fairly easy to avoid reaching out with a needy text or having expectations. Even with the rotation guys I utilized Katarina’s advice such as leaning back in my feminine energy, avoiding the masculine energy of planning and directing, and at all times valuing myself as a real catch. It really works!

Just wanted to share and encourage anyone who’s in a similar situation. I had bought into the idea that a modern woman offers to pay, initiates contact, and plans/directs. Turns out, those are real attraction killers. During this journey, I tried to remember not to be hard to get but to be easy to lose. It changed everything.

Thank you all for your informative posts. I’ve found a lot of support here. I knew he was into me. Katarina Phang, you helped me help him realize it too. And best of all, he has stepped up his game and claimed me. This advice is relationship gold.” ~Rebecca, New Mexico 

I’ve never done this workshop before and it will help you navigate the murky waters of contemporary dating while safeguarding your heart so you won’t end up hurt like many of you have been before finding me.

And my classes are extremely popular and most of my clients listen to what they own over and over and keep coming back for more, hence the Return on Investment (ROI) of every dollar spent on my classes is mighty high. It’s in fact the highest in the business and I have no doubt about it.

They will always want to add more classes into their collection cause they’re so healing. So if you’re new to my teachings, you will sooner or later find out for yourself.

This program will be a tremendous addition in your journey toward AWAKENING.  You will practice the deepest level of awareness with the help of all kinds of triggers that you will experience common in romantic love to one day transcend it.

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