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Leaning Back And Feminine Mystique Meditations

Many of you have asked me when I’m going to produce just the meditation sessions that are part of my main programs (Journey Inward, Leaning Back Workshop and Four Components of Melting His Heart) for easy access. Years later I got the time to actually sit and pick a couple of sessions from a previous cycle of the Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop.

These meditations will provide you with the empowerment you need each time you need extra boost to be in your feminine. They will cultivate awareness within you of the innate power you have as a woman.

So enjoy these two meditations to start with while I’m going to shift through other meditations from my other programs. Listen to them often. Listen to them when you’re feeling down, anxious, shaky, unworthy and unsexy. Listen to them before every date with your EUM, boyfriend or guys in your rotation.

Magnetize them with your feminine joy and serenity.

Listen to them and feel instantly empowered!

“After meditating to Leaning Back meditation, I realized leaning forward is not only masculine energy, but for women it depicts also insecurity. We lean forward when we are not sure where we are standing with a particular man; we lean forward when we want reassurance, and men can sense that, hence their stepping back reactions.

So whenever we do this, it is a reminder that we have stepped away from our feminine energy and jumped into anxiety/insecurity. A goddess is not insecure or anxious. She knows her worth, and radiates love and calmness. She simply IS love, so she doesn’t need anyone’s validation to reassure her that she is loved. She doesn’t need love from only one person because she can get it from many sources–including her own (self-love).

I think instead of reaching out as we usually do when we feel insecure, the best thing would be to go back to ourselves and find/channel the goddess within. The shift in energy is guaranteed ?” ~Linda, Kosovo


“The leaning back meditation is unbelievable. I had to rewind and start listening again. Its my daily gojuice.” ~Brenda, Philadelphia


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There are three options available :

“I found Kat when I hit rock bottom trying to exit a very toxic marriage. I read her e-book and religiously followed discussion in this secret group, paying close attention to everything Kat said and implemented everything.

When I managed to get out of the abusive relationship in one piece and my ex moved out peacefully, I still followed Kat.

When I succeeded to tame a narcissistic ex and got him to reach a seemingly impossible agreement on finance and child arrangement, I still followed Kat.

When I took a men-hiatus for 4 months, I continued to follow Kat.

When I decided to open up to dating for fun, I implemented her advice. When I met and dated a perfectly decent EA and kind alpha man, and enjoyed the easy breezy relating, I applied her suggestions.

When he claimed me after a month, I continued applying her teaching.

When we had fights due to my self-created anxiety and unresolved trauma of abandonment, I resorted to Kat’s words.

Now that my connection with this lovely alpha man reaches a new depth, after gaining true self love and resolving my daddy issue, I am still here in this group, reading discussions religiously, and still paying attention to everything Kat says. While learning from Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Teal Swan and Mooji, I still think highly of Kat’s teaching.


Because it’s in alignment with all that I believe deep inside me. The more my awareness grows, the more I think she’s right. Kat’s teaching is irreplaceable. She touches the level of details and pragmatism about loving oneself and one’s partner in ways that other spiritual leaders could only touch in vague or philosophical levels.

I can’t stop reading what she has to say, and I look forward to this everyday. She continues making me a better person and woman and without a doubt she’ll somehow helps me to be enlightened one day. Thank you Kat. Please don’t stop being you.”

Farrah, London, UK