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Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Audio

(Please email me if you have had Cycle 1 and wants Cycle 2 or 3 or 4 instead)

Together my Journey Inward group coaching, Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop offer very important tools for tapping into your feminine power. Now you can purchase the replays of Cycle 1, 2 and 3 of the Workshop and hopefully you will also sign up for this recurring program and attend live (you will get a special price to get both replays and sign up for the new/ongoing cycle, you can check about it here).

You can just get one set or both. I recommend both of course because every cycle is different in discussion and dynamic among participants.

Class 1: History of leaning back and how I gradually perfected this concept that now has been proven to work MAGIC for most of my clients who have relationship problems with their men. What leaning back is NOT. How to create an environment that helps you lean back. How to lean back in relationship. Is it any different to leaning back in the early stage of dating. How to curb impulses to reach out/initiate contacts/row the boat. Specific examples of leaning back in dating/relationship. What to do when after leaning back he’s not leaning forward. How to deal with the feeling hurt/anger/rejection when he’s not leaning forward. (2 hrs)

Class 2: How to cultivate Feminine Mystique that will make you irresistible to any man. How to be a feminine woman that masculine men adore. Self-hypnosis/guided meditation to awaken our inner Goddess and bask in our feminine radiance. (2 hrs)

Class 3: Bonus Session! Last chance to ask questions and share and practice what we have learnt. (2 hrs)

NOTE: Both cycles have 4 classes instead of 3 as originally planned due to some technical issues that ended up in a class being repeated. So you in fact have around 8 hrs audio each cycle.

These 6 hours wealth of information will change your life forever. No woman shall be in a great relationship with a masculine man without this knowledge. If your relationship is now filled with discords and tension, leaning back may very well be the answer you’re looking for. And the reason you find it hard to do is because you have so much resistance in you. This workshop will help you deal with this problem.

This workshop will answer your questions:

1. How to know the difference between a man who is EU because you made him so and the man who is EU and always will be. In other words, when do you cut your losses?

2. How to be secure enough in my feminine energy to keep leaning back once I get close to a guy and he starts future-talking while the brain chemistry is still high. Being feminine enough to attract men organically so I can actually get practice dating.

3. How to know when to lean back and when to be warmer with him if he is more on the sensitive side. How it applies to ALL men.

4. How to femininely handle EUM’s disappearing, reappearing “Houdini” act, and hot and cold treatment.

5. How to express my vulnerabilities, (fears, needs, desires) about myself in a way that doesn’t make my man perceive me as low value.

6. How to stop myself from calling/texting him when i miss him so damn much.

7. How to tell if he is really interested and cares if he is hot and cold. What are the actions that EUM do that shows that he is interested and also how to get him to express his feelings.

8. How to lean back and control my feelings towards him

9. How to tell if my intuition that he cares is right or is it just an illusion. Does he just want me for convenience when he feels like it as a casual acquaintance?

10. How to develop intimacy with EUM. And when you develop Intimacy with EUM and he goes silent for weeks, what to do.

11. How to avoid obsessing which stops you from filling yourself up and being content.

12. How to approach your ex after you break up with him… if you don’t want to wait years.


Bring up your own questions in the support groups (please add me on Facebook upon purchase so I can add you to all my groups) and we’ll solve them once and for all. Be more effective in all your relationships with men and say good bye to confusion and doubts.

Hey Ladies, does anyone remember my past post about the pastor guy? Well I just wanted to thank all of you for the advice about leaning back and let him pursue me! I did just that and lately he’s been initiating contact. Yesterday he came over to my place and asked me to marry him and when would be the perfect wedding date? He was serious and sincere! Gosh, I was so shocked I couldn’t help but ask why he wasn’t initiating any contact if he loved me and he replied by saying because you were calling and texting me all the time that i had no chance of calling you. I just realized that it is important to give someone space if you are to have a healthy relationship! I am so happy. I really love this man.
Farrah, Lusaka, Zambia

That pattern is a real thing, in my opinion, and not just confirmation bias. There have been more times than I can recount when as soon as I shifted out of my “agenda,” the man came through and stepped up. Especially this man.

Leaning back energetically works like a charm. It’s probably even more important than leaning back as a behavioral practice. It’s also the hardest form of leaning back to pull off! So much easier to just fake it by not initiating than it is to stop worrying ourselves into a tizzy about if a man is going to give us what we think we need.

Kat’s program is the best thing I’ve found. I’m super into it. They are actually tools focusing on real inner work and measurable change. Love it!

Starla, Ohio

The speed in which things start to happen is truly remarkable when you release the old anxieties. Kat’s book and classes are worth every dollar. After the holiday and birthday bonanzas I will be taking her leaning back Feminine magnetism class.

Tricia, Arizona (who has just reunited with her ex after the Journey Inward group coaching)